Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i just wanna say sorry but i keep it baby ! sorry -_-'

Everyday i think of you.
Everyday you cross my mind.
Everyday i see something that reminds me of you.
Everyday im missing you.
Everyday i wish you were mine.
Everyday i wonder what could of been.
Everyday i think of why you did this.
& everyday im getting stronger.
Everyday im moving on.
But everyday ill always miss you. :)

Honestly, I dont even know wat really happened. When i think abt it, all i remember is that i tried and i tried really hard. But u din seem happy anymore no matter how hard i tried. So i called it quits. All i have ever wanted is ur mesmerizing smile lighting up my life. And i was just not able to feel that. Sorry, if ever i have hurt you. But the only thing that i wish for now is ur happiness. If ever you realize that ur happiness is with me then ur always welcome. I am and i will always be here for u. But even if u happen to find it somewhere else, rest assured I'll be the happiest for u. Love you !

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